Photo: Fires Blazing In Nachal Oz and Shukdah Started by Palestinian Terrorists



  1. The emperor fiddles while Rome burns. Should be changed to Netanyahu fiddles while israel burns. Its about time Israel does some damage to these barbarians that will at least make them wince. Shooting some missiles into empty fields makes only emboldens Hamas.

  2. I second the comment above of ‘ah yid’. But gosh if only he’d say it in grammatically correct English.
    They should inflict serious damage a la the Iranian weapons chache’ in Syria and let these barbaric sub-humans revel in their delightful destruction. When oh when will they IDF do it already. How much longer do the residents of LEGAL Sderot and Ashkleon have to endure rockets? How much longer do farmers have to deal with burt crops and damaged soil in the name of placating the world!


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