Photo: Family Returns Home to Find Melted Menorah Glasses



  1. They obviously did not follow directions. They made their own wicks instead of using those provided. This is obvious for two reasons.

    First of all, how did so many of the cups melt? Thousands of people were using these cups with no problems, and this family had multiple cups on three Menoras melt!

    Second of all, it looks like there are cotton wicks on the table next to the oil. Those are not supposed to be used with these cups. When you don’t follow directions, don’t blame the manufacturer!

  2. comment 1: i wouldn’t call them “reshaim”. perhaps “tipshim”. but not reshaim. the ones who can really be called reshaim are the manufactureres of these menorahs.

  3. I once tried putting wicks in plastic disposable 8 oz drinking cups. Guess what, they also melted. Anybody want to say I didn’t melt it, but it rather melted itself? The plastic cup used in this menorah was melted by the owners. Didn’t melt on it’s own. Common sense! (I didn’t really do it).

  4. The point is, how can this family be so irresponsible by leaving all those menorahs lit while they left their home to go party??? One can NEVER leave any kind of fire unattended! They were posheah.

  5. Never leave the house with menorah lights on. You should wave the flames out if it’s after half hour and you need to leave.


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