PHOTO: Brooklyn Fire Gets The Headlines At NY Post And The Daily News



  1. I have a feeling some of these Goyim are trying to show how dysfunctional and backwards the yidden are, and how Hashem’s mitzva didn’t protect us – just a little feeling I have…

  2. I would have been quite surprised if any other news was front page. This is a tragedy to all not a “Jewish” tragedy. A mother and 3 children die in a fire, a heroic father saves two other kids and almost loses his own life – this is front page news everywhere. Yiddin, goyim, adults, children anyone and everyone understands this is a horrific story so of course it is the front page

    And, no, please stop, the goyim are not trying to show our dysfunction. A few years ago a holiday tree in Connecticut caused a house fire and a doctor lost his wife and all his children. That was also front page. That was also a horrific tragedy. Please. Stop the nonsense of trying to turn everything into a Jew hating thing.

    • It has still not been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the true cause of the fire was a menorah. For a media outlet to report as such, is total yellow journalism. So yes, maybe it does smack of anti semitism. The Daily News & NY Post have a long history of HATRED towards the Frum community. They take every opportunity to bash Frum people. I could list you many examples but it does involve sensitive issues.

  3. It is obvious the newspapers are focusing on ” Hanukkah” and “menorah” and not the tragedy itself. They tactically inserted the blame on our mitzvot and Hashem without a shred of logical evidence. To deny this intention of the newspapers is either naivety or dullness.
    While we the Jewish people choose to מצדיק the judgment, the newspapers jump on the opportunity to make Hashem and his people look bad.

    • Is this news? They hate us.
      We should double-check for safety, use fire alarms and watch flames. We should also keep in mind that there are things we are not able to explain. As for them, they hate us. If it were not the menorah or the candles, it would be the stove left on, or it would be the cooking for so many people in a big household, or whatever other excuse.


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