Photo: BMG Placing Notices On Illegally Parked Cars To Stop Illegal Parking



    • What is the fraud and what are you talking about? Your comment makes no sense. You will continue to do as you wish until that time comes CV when it is your life or your child or your family member who could not be reached properly or on time because of an illegal parked car. Then and only then will you get it.

      BMG doesn’t OWE you a parking spot. The Yeshiva doesn’t have to provide you with a place to park within 100 yards of the BM. You can carpool, use public transportation, walk, park a few blocks away – there is always a solution. That is unless you feel you are entitled to a spot near the building because Lemaysa the world was created for and around you so what are the rest of us thinking that you shouldn’t have a spot.

      • by the way mr smart alek it is a LAW that if you have a pub;ic building/synagogue etc you have to legally provide parking

        • That law requiring minimum parking spots is only applicable if you didn’t receive a variance from the Planning Board prior to construction. The question is; Why did they ask for a variance when the current situation was easily foreseen to any proper planner – or any resident of Lakewood for that matter? What were they thinking?

          Is there a plan to construct a large enough parking garage that we don’t know about yet?

        • Does the law say you need to provide a spot within a 30 second walk? Nothing is wrong with parking a few blocks away and walking. This is the issue when we live in a world of entitlement.

      • The American and local zoning law in Lakewood is that all buildings depending on their size and amount of people using it at one time (like wedding halls and even small shuls) but all buildings must provide parking also for a certain amount of the total (not all) using the building at one time.

        The amount of parking today that BMG has near each bais medrash is nowhere near the amount required to keep the building lawfully open unless they fix the zoning laws of parking.

        It would be easier for BMG to build a high level parking garage like in Manhattan to solve this issue.
        (for 6000 students the zoning laws don’t require 6000 parking spaces but it does require a certain amount based on how large the school or wedding hall etc…. Is)

  1. The Chilul Hashem is the fact that a Yeshiva with 2500 students has a grand total of approximately 200 spots. A Chilul hashem is when a Bais medrash (Princeton) with a few hundred students has 8 spots and 4 are taken away for residents. A Chilul hashem is effected when when correct spelling is affected.

    • How do you explain frum people parking in handicapped spots when there are spots open 20 feet away. Stop making excuses for our people who don’t care. They’ve take this Bishvili Nivra Haolem way too seriously, for way too long.

  2. This opens a Pandora’s box. Does this mean that Yeshivalayt should respect traffic laws too, including the speed limit and stop signs? Absurd. We live l’maala min hateva, and the statistics and safety analyses that underlie such laws do not apply to us.

    • No need to be condescending, the reason for this behavior is simply due to the absolute lack of parking spaces in the area. I take you never looked at your cell phone while driving, Talmidei Hayeshiva respect laws and are not looking to circumvent; but when the needs are not provided it makes it extremely difficult to function.

      • Does it count as condescension when you’ve almost been run over by the entitled? I once saw an Asian woman driving down the alley at a snail’s pace because an elderly man was in front of her. Others would have honked, or leaned out the window and asked the person to move to the side. It’s only the ones who decide that אני ואפסי עוד whose time is so precious.

        • I’ve seen plenty of Yeshivalayt do precisely what that woman that you mentioned did, namely, drive down a road at a snail’s pace because an elderly man was in front them.

    • Nor do the very discretionary laws regarding building codes, handicap access, and zoning laws. Most of these laws are enacted simply to cause tsuris to the Torah community.

      • Your assertion is very incorrect. Those dina-demalchusa-dina laws are applied uniformly to all citizens across communities all over this great Medinah.

    • Eliezer, you sound very bitter (at best) and come across as a self-hating Yid. I’m not sure why you feel you have a license to attack all “Yeshivalayt” as a whole, as if all are guilty as you insinuate. This is what the biggest if anti-semites do; judge a whole by actions of individuals. Shame on you.

  3. It’s a good First step.
    Maybe drivers will:
    Not double or triple park.
    Stop at stop signs.
    Yield to pedestrians.
    Stop honking their horns and use them for emergencies as designed.
    Signal before they reach the intersection so that others are not stuck behind the vehicle.
    Allow other drivers to merge into their lane.
    Be courteous not aggressive to other drivers.
    Travel at the speed limit.
    Drive safely and carefully.

  4. DISGUSTING!!! How they got permits to build these buildings without parking is beyond me…. And that the Yeshiva lets the cops come and give out parking tickets… it’s their responsibility to make sure there’s an adequate amount of spots. if you come abit after 8am there’s NO spots left. They should hang these signs on the back of the doors to their offices and open they’re shades, lookout and see the disaster they’ve created. It’s time to stop pushing the blame onto others.

    • That is full of garbage. You can get a spot if you come at 9:45/10:00 as well. If you come later than that, you will have an issue. So start coming on time and you will have an easier time. And as an aside, the Yeshiva does not have the power to let or not let the cops give tickets. As a matter of fact, the Yeshiva often pays for the tickets given out by the cops near Yeshiva so learnt eh fact before you say inaccurate and accusatory comments.

  5. A number of years ago, I was at an event in a shul simcha hall. Someone calls me to tell me that there is a call for me(this is before cell phones). My 7 year old nephew who was staying by us had a broken leg and was being taken to the hospital by Hatzoloh. I run out and see that my car is blocked by someone who had to make Borchu and couldn’t find a legal space. After finding him, he moved his car mocking me for my “rushing”. The hospital could not treat him till I arrived so he was in pain a few more minutes. 2 weeks before my nephews bar mitzvah, the same person blocked me. This time, I told him what his previous action did, making a child remain in pain longer than necessary. I suggested that he contact my nephew and ask for mechilah. He mocked me again. This man left this world with a number of unmarried children and no grandchildren.

  6. Thank you to the Hanhala for taking this necessary step. But their responsibility is not over. Now they have to arrange a sufficient level of legal parking spots. You can’t just do a half-a-job!

  7. BMG’s office got ‘flak’ from the town instead of them writing tickets for this one time.
    Thus, the Yeshivah is doing you a favor with these notices. Next time the town will write tickets.

  8. Thank you matzav for posting this, its very important that the people see this. just to get the facts straight Actually its more like 3500 students on the 6th & 7th street campus with a grand total of about 90 legal spots with most of them reserved for staff and maintenance, cars are parked illegaly on both sides of 6th, 7th and forest and private way-the cops come every single day and give each of them tickets! what a disgrace! and than everyone wonders why “rise up ocean county”?? ad mosai???

  9. There is no right to not give parking to the greatest people of our generation, the ones that hold up the world- learning Torah Lishma day and night!!!!!

    • Now that’s a great idea! The problem is that BMG just sold all that land to a developer for $60 million dollars. Perhaps they can take some of that money to build a large enough parking garage to accommodate the chashuve yungeleit.


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