Phony Website Counters Israel’s PR Campaign


masbirim-yisraelIsrael is fuming over the launching of an anti-Israel website with a name very similar to that of a website recently set up by the Information and Diaspora Ministry. The ministry’s website, which has been criticized for reflecting the right-wing side of the political spectrum, is part of a new campaign aimed at improving Israel’s image abroad.

Foreign journalists have also criticized the Israeli website for they way they are portrayed in it.

The ministry estimates that Palestinian or radical left-wing elements launched the anti-Israel site as a means of countering the Israeli PR campaign. The ministry said it plans to file a police complaint.

The ministry’s website is, while the anti-Israel site is

The new website is replete with anti-Israel content, including footage taken from IDF soldiers’ funerals and incidents where Palestinians were killed or injured. The website’s operators have yet to be tracked down.

The new site’s homepage states, “This website is not run by the Information Ministry or the Israeli government. It was set up to present a different, more complete picture of the issues that are the focus of Israel’s PR campaign. For the original information Ministry website click here, but we would appreciate it if you would take some time to read the alternative content we are offering.”

Information Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said in response that the launching of the anti-Israel website merely underscores the need for the original website.

“This is exactly why the website was launched – to counter those who slander Israel with the help of modern media,” he said. “I’ve asked legal advisors to find out who is behind this identity theft and the illegal use of the website’s design, as well as the State’s emblem. I believe that in the coming days we’ll found out who is behind the act.”

{Ynet/Yair Israel}



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