PHONY: Hillary: Bill Was Right to Not Resign After Lewinsky Scandal


Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady, said on Sunday that her husband and former President Bill Clinton was right to not resign from office after the Lewinsky scandal, the Daly Beast reports.

She also dismissed claims that the incident represented an abuse of power, and said the country should instead be focused on President Donald Trump’s alleged misconduct.

“Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent against whom numerous allegations have been made and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules?” Clinton told CBS News.

Prominent Democrats, including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), have argued that the former president should have resigned in the wake of the scandal.



  1. President Trump’s misconduct? Scandal? Is she referring to the thousands of emails destroyed by using a hammer and bleach? Is she referring to the sale of 20% of US Uranium to Russia for $145 million dollars? Is she referring to the $400 million as a contribution to the campaign illegally? Is she referring to the $300 million received from China or the billions form Saudi Arabia before elections? Is she referring to the dossier created to dig up dirt on the opponent? Is she referring to the dozens of people suicided? Hillary, sorry to burst your bubble. All these scandals – and more – are yours and you’re not locked up yet and not even investigated on these massive crimes. How’s that?

  2. She has proven time and again that she is a pathological liar, and a shameless hypocrite. Now, she aims to add “idiot” to that formulation.

  3. Tax Lover. Tax Lover.

    Bite my worst bagel. This lady never could look to a feminine image.

    Trash for the world to consume for the full future. An Amen. Pants Suit judgment. Its wrong.

  4. How sparse. Hillary is the creature of a man who has cigar phony manners.

    To the future. This woman played everything wrong. No faith in G-d. No mind for humane politics.

    Trump the nasty manners noted by some comes along and she is defunct. Hashem must have good plans for this generation.

    To anyone in the future, we are sorry for the entire Bill Clinton design. There is nothing good said about him at all and he just appears for the concise coordination of his own legacy which is rant perfect lost.

    Good for Mr. Trump. He has 8 years we may see to just let the USA know why a bible is worth its price. He has jewish friends and he has a good fame. He did not need to rash his price on a woman who wanted the presidency even more than a clear head in the biblical bed of her marriage. We can not know her price.


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