Philosopher-General in Israel: Peace Is the Time to Prepare for War


brig-gen-herzl-haleviOutgoing Israeli Brig. Gen. Herzl Halevi, commander of the northern Galilee region, is convinced Israel’s next war with Lebanon will break out on his successor’s tour.

“The interesting issue is how you create a longer gap between the wars….We are ready to pay this price to make a very decisive and strong war to make the gap as long as possible.”

Hizbullah is seen as Iran’s proxy and the boots on the ground in global terrorist attacks.

Israeli military officials talk about the group’s swelling arsenal of more than 100,000 rockets – and about Israel’s meticulous preparation for a quick, intense campaign in Lebanese cities and villages where, as one recently put it, “houses consist of a living room and a missile room.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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