Philanthropist Leonardo Farkash Handed Out $100 Bills By The Kotel



    • Si shteyt in heilige sforim, li’olam tekach!
      Ven migept minempt.
      Of course, if this person had any seichel, he would of asked and investigated where the best place to give his tzedaka money to. Nu nu, nebach, a misguided yid.

  1. The name is funny-Prakash? Cash?
    I heard my husband Davens close to him in belle harbor. Is this the same yjngermann who gave away $50 bills las year?

  2. Heard a loaded bus left Jerusalem to the kosel and turned back midway as word arrived that his handouts ended.

  3. name is farkash
    his parents were hungarians holocaust survivors
    he is very rich
    and he can do what he wants with his money
    he eraned it


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