Pharmacist Hints Some Members Of Congress Have Alzheimer’s


A pharmacist who fills all the scrips for members of Congress says he’s given Alzheimer’s drugs to lawmakers — who may be running the country while losing their marbles.

Kim owns Grubb’s Pharmacy, a 150-year-old DC drugstore that delivers as many as 100 prescriptions a day to Capitol Hill, the outlet reports. Read more at NY POST.




  1. It would be great if we could say the same of our president, alzheimers… bipolar… paranoid schizo… anything to lay the failing of normalcy on.

  2. 1-Early stage Alzheimers that treated should be okay. 2-Plenty of people in power shouldn’t be there, regardless of whether or not they have Alzheimers, or some other mental or emotional issue…not just on Capitol Hill…

  3. Certainly anyone with Alzheimers should not be in a position of authority, even in the early stages – but why is a Pharmacist allowed to give out personal information which should be confidential


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