Petition Seeks 75 MPH Speed Limit On Garden State Parkway


Mendel Rosenfeld, of Lakewood, started a petition on seeking to raise the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway to 75 mph.

In the petition entitled, “NJ is way behind” Rosenfeld says, “By changing the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway and other NJ highways people will agree to travel further for a job which will lower unemployment rates.”

More than 800 people have signed the petition as of about noon on Wednesday. The last speed increase on the Parkway – from 55 to 65 mph – was about 20 years ago, though some portions remain 55 mph. Read more at





  1. What a genius. 75 mph speed limit means average speed of 85mph which translates into fatalities should there be accidents. Does he want to share the responsibility? Drive slower , may take you longer to get to your destination but at least people will live

  2. Funny but although parts of European have no speed limits and drivers go 100 mph+ studies have shown that fatal crashes are not higher

  3. What’s the big deal? There are places in NY State where 75 in the speed limit. Why all tje negativity?

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