Petach Tikva: Father Forgets Daughter On Public Bus


A young father forgot his three-year-old daughter on a bus yesterday morning. Someone noticed the child and contacted the police, who identified the father and tracked him down.

The man who found the girl was a retired Israel Police officer, who reported that he was on Rechov Menachem Begin in Petach Tikva with a little three-years-old girl who was all by herself.

Police arrived at the scene to pick up the child and bring her to the police station. They then began combing the area in search of her parents. After contact was made with her father, initial questioning revealed that he went with her on a public bus, #292, and somehow forgot her behind.

Shockingly, the toddler got off by herself two stops after her father, and was then spotted by the retired officer.

Father and toddler were brought together at the police station.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

David Steger – Israel


  1. How do you forget your toddler ??????????

    I can elaborate this till I’m blue in the face,,, I just don’t get it..

    do children not mean much to some parents. forget !!!

    I remember in 5th grade I would forget my homework, my teacher would asked why? IDK. he would ask, why didn’t you forget your pants today? I found it offensive then, but today I understand, what my teacher was saying… simply …. whats important to you, you don’t forget,,,,,, NUF SAID


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