Perth Amboy Shul Update


perth-amboy-shulDear readers,

We wanted to thank everyone for their outpouring support and chizuk which gives us the strength to go forward and stop this tremendous chillul Hashem from taking place.

The trial will continue on Tuesday at 915 AM in the Middlesex County court.

While the plaintiffs have put very reasonable and fair settlements offers on the table, which cover all the defendants concerns, the defendants unfortunately continue to resist any efforts to have Shaarey Tefiloh remain a mokam Torah u’tefiloh.

We thank our legal team led by Mr. Larry Loigman Esq. and Mr. Ira Heller Esq. for their continued efforts on behalf of the Shul.

A special thank you to the media for helping us get the word out to the masses.

The Perth Amboy Shul Members

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