Peretz: We Will Bring Hamas’ Captives Home


United Right chairman Rafi Peretz said that he found it difficult to contain his excitement at the return of the remains of Sergeant Zachary Baumel to Israel after 37 years.

He said that during the period in which he served as the IDF Chief Rabbi, he maintained continuous contact with the Baumel family: “I was in contact with the family. We met, talked, supported, and encouraged them. This closes for me a circle of 37 years since Operation Peace for the Galilee. That’s our ethos. This is the obligation we commit ourselves to each of our sons. We will make every effort to bring all our boys home.”

Rabbi Peretz said that though the circle has been closed in the case of Zecharia Baumel, another circle remains open as far as he is concerned.

“I personally told the Shaul and Goldin families about the deaths of their sons, and since they have not returned home, I feel that Operation Protective Edge is not over. I say from here in the clearest possible manner: We have to act so that Hamas knows that the boys, our dear ones, are a burden and not an asset to Hamas. We will bring them home, I have no doubt about it.”

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