Peres Visits Mosque for Ramadan


peres-mosqueSheikh Samir Assi, imam of Al-Jazaar mosque, hosted Israeli President Shimon Peres in Acre, northern Israel on Tuesday. Sheikh Samir welcomed Peres at the mosque after Peres hosted Muslim leaders for an “iftar” dinner in Yerushalayim on Sunday night.

“We have to unite our forces to put out fires, and we have to be emissaries who carry the message of peace,” said the Israeli president. “Religious faiths have a negative attitude towards terror, which brings only bloodshed, sorrow and tears,” he added.

For his part, Sheikh Samir said Acre represented harmony between Judaism and Islam.

Peres also met some 50 Muslim leaders in Acre and discussed the importance of establishing equality between Jews and Arabs, who the report said enjoy equality under the law but not in practice.

Peres toured the al-Jazzar mosque, the second most holy site for Muslims in Israel, and addressed occurrences in Libya. “We are witnesses that the Libyan people are condemning dictators and corruption, and demanding peace and liberty. I hope the peoples of the region become free and liberated,” he said.

{Yair Israel/Maan News}


  1. Did he put his slippers in the lobby? What carpet did he use? How long did he stand on his knees?
    JERKY thing to do!

  2. This is fine. The prophecies are crystal clear that all people will turn to G-d over time. The place where this process should really accelerate should be the Holy Land.


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