Peres: PA Recognition of Jewish State ‘Unnecessary’


peres Israeli President Shimon Peres has called Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s insistence on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state “unnecessary” and a possible impediment to Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations, Israel Hayom reported.

In conversations with diplomatic and political officials in recent weeks, Peres said it was possible to reach an agreement with the Palestinians now, with American assistance. Despite the relationship between Netanyahu and Peres being described as “strained” of late, Peres publicly aims to maintain a unified front and does not contradict Netanyahu’s stance that Israel must be recognized as a Jewish state. In public, Peres states that Israel is a Jewish country, although he says its security will be assured only with the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Peres’s office has declined comment on the matter. His stance is similar to that of Yesh Atid party chairman and Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid, who last month called the demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state “nonsense.”
Netanyahu addressed the issue on Tuesday at a joint press conference in Jerusalem with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“Here’s the core of the conflict and here is the key to its solution: The core of the conflict is not settlements; the core of the conflict is not the territories; the core of the conflict is not the absence of a Palestinian state,” Netanyahu said. “The core of the conflict is the persistent refusal to reconcile to an independent nation-state of the Jewish people.”

“If the Palestinians expect me and my people to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, surely we can expect them to recognize a nation-state for the Jewish people. After all, we’ve only been here four millennia. That’s it; that’s what this is about,” Netanyahu added.


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  1. Between Bibi and Peres is there hope for the Israeli people and the Jewish State. When will the Israeli’s understand rotating leaders doesn’t work you need fresh blood especially ones that love the land and the People in it. Here Bibi is trying to work on a 2 state solution and Peres is looking for a no Jewish state solution. What could go wrong??????

  2. It is so sad to see Peres desperately cling to the notion that there can be peace in Israel without G-dly intervention. In his attempt to further his legacy as well as negate Jewish destiny he is willing to forgo the nations of the world recognizing Israel and by extension the rights and existence of Jews.

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  3. Pack your bags then Peres. It is a Jewish State and refusal to recognize our origins and future is just an excuse for WAR. This is not the way to negotiate peace. Thanks for playing “My dreidle can spin”. No worries though. I have faith that most in Israel will follow the Netanyahu Example and our future can be counted on the solar system of human discretion and human trust. America is a friend of Israel and America is one Nation under G-d. G-d might be telling them something soon huh?


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