Peres: Iran Deal Is Only Temporary


peresFollowing the historic nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers in Geneva, Israeli President Shimon Peres said that “this is an interim deal, and its fallout and continuation can only be discussed according to results and not according to words alone,” reports Ynet.

Peres made the remarks following different statements made by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, who claimed the deal was “a historic mistake, and the world has become a more dangerous place.”

Ynet reported that according to Peres, who addressed foreign media outlets, “we too prefer a diplomatic solution over any other solution. Yet I would like to remind the words of (US) President Obama – a diplomatic solution is preferable, however if it does not succeed, the alternatives will be much more serious and grave.”

{ Israel}


  1. The bravado attitude that we should bomb them rather than make deals with them smacks of “Zionism”. Iran is a formidable enemy it is a huge risk to fight with them. There is a limit what we can expect to accomplish with sanctions. It is easy to criticize the president, but it is not so simple that the six countries that negotiated this deal are less intelligent than you and I.

  2. #2: I agree. It’s not so simple that they’re less intelligent than you. You’re statement doesn’t even make sense. Bombing Iran “smacks of ‘Zionism'”–what does that even mean? Did bombing the Nazis smack of Zionism? Japan? Iraq? And what’s your objection to Zionism–yidden having a medina before moshiach? OK, so the US bombing Afghanistan is akin to yidden having a medina before moshiach? It’s like you’ve picked one phrase from each of ten different pro-Obama and anti-Zionist blogs and strung them randomly together.


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