Peres Cancels London Olympic Trip So As Not To Be Mechallel Shabbos


peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres has cancelled his planned trip to London for the opening of the Olympic Games there.

The president has cancelled his trip because there is no hotel within walking distance to the location of the Olympic games and President Peres does not want to be mechallel Shabbos.

Olympic Committee, as previously reported, have refused to hold a minute of silence in memory of the eleven Israeli athletes who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, but that is not the reason for Peres’ cancellation.

While Peres himself is not frum, he has in the past shown sensitivity for certain aspects of halacha and Yiddishkeit.

The Olympics opening ceremony will be held on a Friday night, after the onset of Shabbos. It is not known if Peres will watch the games on television or not.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is a fair enough decision by President Peres and his advisors. He really is doing remarkably well for a man coming up to his 90th birthday. BTW, regarding the upcoming London Olympics interested people should look out for the 100 kg Men’s Judo Competition on Thursday August 2nd…

  2. There are indeed thousands of Yidden Shomer Shabbos all over the world. They are all True Shomerei Shabbbos and therfore all Tzadikim.

  3. I once heard from someone that the above-

    mentioned was once in Radin where he

    reportedly received a Bracha for Arichas

    Yawmim from the Chofetz Chiam.

  4. “It is not known if Peres will watch the games on television or not.”
    This observation is totally uncalled off. Peres has made the public stand not to be Mechallel Shabbos B’Parhesya.It is heartwarming for Jews world wide.

  5. Yesh Koneh Olamo B’sha’a Achas. We cannot judge people, #8, and only Hashem knows the reward for a statement like this. Ashrei Ha’am Shekacha Lo! Afilu Haraikunim Shebo Meleiim Mitzvos K’rimon! Even the Jews who are lost Hashem loves and are full of good deeds!(if we care to look).

  6. ‘This article is first class “chonef l’rasha” and should be removed’

    And we wonder why people hate frum Jews?

    Of all the secular Israeli leftists; Shimon Peres was the one who has always been supportive of Torah causes. He speaks publicly and favorably about having met the Chafetz Chaim was a child. He got Medinat Yisrael its nuclear capability and saved the country from hyperinflation.

    Sandy Koufax was non-observant yet refused to pitch on Yom Kippur. Peres may not be fully observant, but he deserves a huge hakarat hatov for demonstrating that there are things that matter to a Jew, every Jew, just as Sandy Koufax did five decades ago. Thank you, President Peres!

  7. #8
    just because he is not a tzadik in any stretch of the word does not mean he can’t make a kiddush Hashem. why not try and see the good that someone does instead of trying to negate it

  8. Re Anonymous (8): Most people won’t read it that way. I think it will generate a lot of Jewish pride of the best type. I’m not worried about what zechuyos Mr. Peres may accrue…


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