Pentagon Claims Successful Strike On All Targets In Syria


Pentagon officials on Saturday claimed that U.S. and western airstrikes on Syria the previous night “successfully hit every target” as President Trump declared “mission accomplished” in retaliating over the apparent use of chemical weapons in Syria.

“Last night’s operations were successful. We met all of our objectives, we hit all of our targets successfully. No allied aircrafts were engaged. It was a successful mission,” Defense Department chief spokeswoman Dana White told reporters at the Pentagon.

The United States joined French and British forces on Friday night in launching 105 missiles from numerous air and naval locations at three different targets in Syria, including facilities near the capital of Damascus as well as in Homs in northern Syria.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Successfully hit every target but this is not what McCain, Graham and their Deep State expected when they staged the false flag.
    Will President Trump pull the US troops out of Syria now or will the Deep State be quicker with another hoax?

    • Well, they seemed to fix up that Pentagon building pretty quickly, after an airplane allegedly hit it at ground level on 9/11.


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