Pence On NYT Op-Ed: I’d Take Lie Detector Test ‘In A Heartbeat’


Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday said he would agree “in a heartbeat” to take a lie detector test to prove he wasn’t the author of an anonymous op-ed against President Donald Trump which appeared in The New York Times several days ago.

The op-ed was penned by a member of the Trump administration claiming to be part of the “resistance” against the President within the administration.

“The honorable thing to do here is for this individual to recognize that they are literally violating an oath,” continued Pence. “If they are a senior administration official, that they are violating an oath, not to the president, but to the Constitution.”

Some have speculated that Pence was behind the op-ed, which uses the term “lodestar,” a word Pence has used on multiple occasions in the past.

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  1. The fact that Pence and others have even responded, shows they fell hook line & sinker for the hoax perpetrated by the NY Times. The so-called Op-ed was put together by the editorial board of the Times. There was no “insider” who wrote the piece. This is the exact reaction the Times was hoping for. To create discord within the White House, chasing some phantom turncoat. The Times is one of the leaders in Fake News. Now, suddenly, when they claim someone from the Trump administration wrote the piece, the Times is to be believed?! Excuse me? Do they think we were all born yesterday? I find that Mike Pence even responding, to be very troublesome. That is how a Rino acts. That is how McShame, Jeb, Kasich, Sessions, and Romney react. Rinos are afraid of their own shadow. They are petrified of being called the dreaded RACIST word. I thought Pence was better than that.

    • The fact that Pence was accused shows that they know that he’s part of the Swamp. What’s in that note he passed in the hands of the criminal Anna Franklin Sheriff of Alabama who’s under FBI investigation? I don’t trust Pence.

  2. If anyone should take a lie detector, should be the Rhino Paul Ryan the Snake. He’s a Trump backstabber and the most likeliest candidate to be the anonymous reporter in the NYT.


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