Pelosi Says She Would Accept A Bipartisan Deal On Border Security


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Wednesday that she would be willing to support any compromise border-security legislation that emerges from a bipartisan committee and that she has urged the White House to adopt the same “hands-off” posture.

Her comments come as congressional negotiators are seeking a deal that has to be approved by Feb. 15 – and satisfy President Donald Trump’s demand for border-wall funding – to avert another partial government shutdown.

Pelosi told reporters that she believes the House and Senate negotiators could reach a deal by the end of this week if “left to their own devices.”

Pelosi said she relayed to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., one of the lead negotiators, that “whatever you all come to an agreement on, bipartisan agreement, I will support it.”

“I hope that the administration would have the same attitude and respect for the appropriations process,” Pelosi said. “And I know they can find agreement.”

She added that she had relayed her hope to Vice President Mike Pence “that the White House will have the same hands-off policy as I have vis-a-vis the appropriators.”

Trump, meanwhile, announced plans to hold a campaign rally in the border city of El Paso, Texas, on Monday, four days ahead of the deadline for passing a bill to avert a shutdown.

If a deal is not reached by then, the rally would provide the president an opportunity to make a public case before a friendly audience for his long-promised wall – a demand that led to the 35-day shutdown that ended Jan. 25.

A deal struck between Trump and congressional leaders is keeping the government open until Feb. 15, while congressional negotiators try to reach a compromise that Trump will sign.

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  1. President Trump said that the wall is already being built and indeed he’s been building it for the past 6 months. Can someone shed some light to this bickering?

  2. (Gateway Pundit) – Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez went after conservative teenager CJ Pearson on Tuesday, saying that he should “learn her name” and that he’s “right to be afraid of us” — referring to herself and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
    During the State of the Union address, Pearson, a 16-year-old political commentator, noted on Twitter that Ocasio-Cortez was talking through President Donald Trump’s “entire speech and the woman next to her keeps trying to look the other way.”
    The 65-year-old congresswoman responded to the teenager’s seemingly harmless tweet, despite not being tagged in it, saying that her and Ocasio-Cortez “are the future of the country.” She added, “and you’re right to be afrad of us. But you should learn my name.”


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