Peggy Noonan Says Petraeus Should Not Quit


general-david-petraeusToday on CBS’s Face the Nation, Peggy Noonan, the venerated Wall Street Journal columnist and former speech writer and Special Assistant during the Reagan administration, commented on the scandal surrounding the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus by saying that he shouldn’t resign after having such an illustrious career.

“And I just have to ask why do we have to lose him over this? That actually makes no sense.” She further called his resignation “mysterious” and “strange.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. um, maybe it’s because he violated his professional code of ethics? if a lawyer/doctor/psychologist violates one of the rules in the code of ethics, he or she is gone, stripped of their license, and never gets to work in that capacity again. same thing here…why is noonan surprised? B/c she cannot fathom that morality and family prioritization are the basis of ethics? FOR SHAME!

  2. This guy is off the wall,
    He may not technically be guilty of any crimes, but he is guilty of gross stupidity. Not to mention betraying his family

  3. Patraeus was scheduled to testify about the embassy attack in Libya this week. Obama would have looked truly terrible. Patraeus had to be prevented from testifying.

    I do not for a second believe that the timing of his forced ouster is coincidental. He was forced out. (If it’s about security breeches – weren’t Bill Clinton, JFK and so many others so much more guilty???!!!)

    Every dictator has files on all his enemies, and “friends”, to force them to stay in line. Anthony Weiner, a big liberal, became critical of Obama – BAM! he was out.

    Just read how Hitler YM”Sh did it.

    Every politician has something in his closet.

  4. By this criterion shouldn’t clinton (lower case intended) have also resigned! This is the essence of a goy! We are Kadosh – they are the antithesis thereof!

  5. Hey, all you guys who remember Clinton. Clinton was tried and acquitted. Note also that he wasn’t head of the CIA and didn’t give his “friend” access to his email account, and evidently didn’t talk matters of state with her, either.

    Petraeus’ position is different. He was head of the CIA, which is fighting a daily battle against al Qaeda and other “nice guys.” When he goofs, who knows if we could have another 9/11.

    Remember, too, that in this day of cyberwar any electronic security leak could be lethal. If he had stuck to sending her letters written on old-fashioned paper, he probably wouldn’t have been in trouble.

  6. Peggy Noonan has a good point. The General did something wrong and stupid- yes, but even great people sometimes do wrong and stupid things. Unless one does something that displays bad character or disloyalty he should to teshuva and move on. What the General did any goy might do if he had the nisayon, it does not show him to be a bad or untrustworthy person. But he had to quit because the media will focus so much attention on this story for the entertainment of all those goyim who would do the same thing that his respect and authority will be undermined.

  7. Uhh…Clinton was tried for perjury and obstruction of justice and was impeached by the U.S. Congress. The Senate just didn’t vote to remove him from office.
    Nevertheless, this is all regarding charges that arose out of the investigation into his conduct and not about his conduct itself. General Petraes resigned because of his conduct, but Bill Clinton’s conduct is somehow considered less of a threat to national security. Clinton was never acquitted for the conduct and I don’t believe that you actually believe that the Clinton conduct never took place.
    Perhaps the most bizarre argument that you make is that the head of the CIA has a greater role in national security than the president: Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World.

  8. Let’s give the guy credit for resigning, unlike our glorious 40th president who didn’t admit to anything and dragged the rest of the country through the muck.

    Notice that most of the info seems to have been covered up while Obama was campaigning and suddenly came to light post election win. We should subpeona Obama too.

  9. Possibly, Petraeus could not stand up to Obama on Benghazi-in-progress because he was compromised already and the Administration knew it.

  10. Oldtimer,

    Excuse me. The president of the United States has much more sensitive information than the director of the CIA. There’s a lot that the CIA does not have authority over, and may not know, which the president must know. Please stop in your continuous attempts to insult our intelligence. Thank you


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