Pawlenty Calls Obama ‘Chicken’


pawlentySpeaking to Candy Crowley on CNN’s “State of the Union,” GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty urged President Obama to step forward and lead the nation to a deal that would resolve the debt-ceiling crisis: “if you’re the leader of the free world, would you please come to microphone and quit hiding in the basement about your proposals, and come on up and address the American people? Is he chicken?”

Pawlenty, in an interview taped Friday that aired today, also said: “He’s ducking, he’s bobbing, he’s weaving. He’s not leading, and that’s not the kind of President we need, and that’s why he needs to be removed from office.” The former Minnesota governor said that the country could not be allowed to default but that continued his criticism of the president:

“He was the one, when he was a U.S. senator, Barack Obama said, it’s an example of failed leadership. And now he’s the leading champion of raising it. Again, another, you know, sophistry, another piece of fake rhetoric from him. He made all these big promises to the country, all these big speeches, all these big, you know, this — said the things that he said he was going to do. And he hasn’t done any of it,” he said.

“We’ve had enough of it. We need results. The country is sinking. The country is drowning. We need real leaders and that’s why this, you know, emphasis on entertainment and rhetoric is not the right direction for the country.”

{Politico/ Newscenter}


  1. Calling the president “chicken”.. Wow Pawlenty. You must have really been a hot shot on the school play ground when you were a kid.

  2. This from the person whose one-off measures left his state in such bad financial shape that its government was shut down for several weeks earlier this month. Leadership is not leaving your successor with a time bomb.

  3. whats new he has been doing this since his first day as prsident then by mid-term eelections he woke up he is doing the same shtick again

  4. it doesnt make a differance what you call him. he wants the country to fail and then he will be “chicken”would like to be reelected inorder to destry us more


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