Paul Urges Complete End To Foreign Aid, Including Israel


ron-paulRepublican presidential hopeful Ron Paul says he would cut all foreign aid, including to U.S. ally Israel.

The Texas congressman on Tuesday said U.S. aid to Israel “teaches them to be dependent” and reduces their sovereignty. He also says the Middle East nation should be free to conduct its foreign policy without worrying how the United States will react and perhaps punish it with fewer dollars.

Rival Michele Bachmann says Israel “is our greatest ally” and spending to the country shouldn’t be cut. The Minnesota congresswoman says she would rather see “nations that we have liberated” such as Iraq and Libya pay back the United States for money it spent there.

{The Washington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. I think Ron Paul needs a 100% salary reduction as a small way of reducing the Federal deficit, and of recognizing his negative influence on whatever he touches. We should be free to conduct policy without worrying about nagging from the likes of Ron Paul.

  2. I think that Mister Ron Paul has just cooked his goose, as the English say.

    He will surely alienate himself from the large proportion of Jewish (and Gentile) voters who see the State of Israel as a mainstay of American defense and foreign policy.

  3. Rav Meir Kahane said that decades ago. However, from America’s point of view it is a net gain as the money is spent there – not to mention the strategic value.

  4. Ron Paul is right. Israel is dependent. Economic independence from the US will do wonders for Israel. And political independence will be even better. Israel has a strong enough economy to stand on her own. The biggest problem is a culture of dependence that permeates the world
    it is time to end this cycle and stand on our own.

  5. This is definitely the best possible move for both America and Israel. America doesn’t have to stop allying with Israel and they can work together as they have over the last decades, but the Israel fear of and dependency on the US is killing their ability to do what is necessary with the terrorists in the region. Aerican Jews who don’t get this point are simply not aware of the damage that America is inadvertantly doing to Israel by supporting it in the way it does.


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