Paul: NSA ‘Could Be Spying’ on Obama


rand-paulIn light of a recent report, Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) fears the National Security Agency may be spying on President Barack Obama. “They could well be spying on the president, for all I know,” Paul says, in an interview with National Review Online. “He has a cell phone, and, in fact, my guess is that they have collected data on the president’s phone.”

Paul also believes the federal government may be tracking Pope Francis. “The most important question we need to ask the NSA is, ‘Are you telling us you’re collecting no data on the pope?’ And, ‘Did you collect any information on him when he was the archbishop, while staying in a certain residence in Rome at the time of the election?’ I don’t think they’re telling the truth.”

Earlier today, Paul introduced a Senate resolution, calling for the president to address the story published Wednesday by Panorama, an Italian magazine.

Panorama claims the NSA eavesdropped on millions of Italian calls, including calls made by cardinals during the conclave. The NSA has denied the allegation, and a papal spokesman said the Vatican is “not aware” of any such activity, and has “no concerns.”

Paul, however, remains skeptical of the NSA’s denial. “I think they’re spying on every American,” he says. “It’s alarming and inexcusable if we’re spying on religious leaders around the world.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. Not to mention he’s afraid they’re spying on Rand Paul:-) This is all the heritage of the post-9/11 Patriot Act, which a lot of people opposed precisely because they feared this sort of thing would happen. It’s time to give the spy agencies a little more oversight. It’s not the Cold War any more.


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