Patrick Kennedy: At Least $100 Billion Needed To Fight Opioids


Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, a member of the president’s opioid commission, is calling for a robust infusion of federal funds to combat the opioid epidemic, to the tune of $100 billion over 10 years.

In an interview with The Hill, Kennedy stressed he views that dollar figure “just as a starting point, at a minimum, minimum, minimum.”

His comments came a day after the release of a 131-page report from President Trump’s six-member opioid commission that detailed 56 recommendations on how to curb the crisis. The document called for Congress to appropriate “sufficient funds” for the effort but didn’t name a specific dollar amount. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Oh please, the US Government has spent many billions of dollars fighting the war against illegal drugs and has accomplished very little. To liberals every solution is to throw more money at the problem.

  2. Time to give more money to your local medical school. This epidemic must have the proper personnel to treat this horror of sick children and adults.

    I have. I will hope that more will support medical education. It is the only way that we can find a stronger society.


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