Paterson: Cut the Budget, Or Let Me Do It


paterson2New York Gov. David Paterson announced that he will send his deficit-cutting proposal to the Legislature, but asked that it be given an up-or-down vote. “I understand that many legislators are afraid of the political consequences they will face if they approve this proposal,” Paterson said in an 11 a.m. statement broadcast on the Web and via satellite. “But this is in stark contrast with the fiscal reality that faces New York. So we cannot have any political issues here, and we certainly can’t have the paralysis of these legislators undermining the future of this state.”

The governor’s plan contains $470 million in cuts to health care programs and $686 million in education trims as part of his proposed $1.3 billion in cuts to local assistance programs. The estimated budget deficit stands at $3.2 billion for the current fiscal year.

Paterson will also send up an “Executive Option Proposal” that would give him one-time powers to cut the portions of the deficit that currently require legislative approval.

Paterson called the situation an “unprecedented fiscal emergency.”

“This is not a cash-flow problem that could be remedied with one-shots or fiscal accounting,” he said. “This is a lack-of-cash crisis that threatens the credibility of our state.”

Using some of his strongest language to date, Paterson spanked the Legislature for failing to take action. “For the past seven weeks, I’ve been compelling the Legislature to face this crisis,” he said. “So far, certain legislators are either unable to admit that there is a fiscal crisis, or unwilling to do anything about it.”

Paterson made his statement after another a series of leaders meetings on Monday failed to produce an deficit-reduction agreement.

At least one legislator scoffed at the idea that either chamber would be willing to approve the governor’s cuts or hand him the power to make them on his own.

“I will not make cuts to seniors,” said Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the Bronx Democrat who returned to the Capitol on Tuesday despite saying a week ago that he wouldn’t enter the chamber until a deficit reduction package has been reached.

{Times Union/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Religious people of all races and creeds
    are urged to unite against Governor David Paterson’s call for toeivah marriage—an abomination according to the Torah.

    It is imperative for all decent people
    to contact members of the New York Senate to
    demand rejection of the evil “Toeivah Marriage”

    Up until the present time the New York State Senate has refused to pass such evil legislation.

    All “frum” rabbinic organizations should protest this stupid and evil attempt to
    legalize sodomy–the wicked laws that characterized the evil societies of Sodom and Gemorrah.

    It is not the job of the governor
    or state legislators to destroy traditional family values which modern society needs more than ever.

    Paterson, who has not been elected by anyone, should be impeached for having the audacity to advocate legalization of immorality. Dr. Arnold Berger

  2. Dr. Berger is absolutely right. It is a mitzvah for all frumme Yeedin to contact their
    representative to let them know that we oppose this Toh-ay-veh. Paterson is not the only public official in favor this znoos.

    Chuck Schumer, Michael Blumberg and
    Jerrald Nadler are in favor of legalizing mishkov zokhor relationships, rachmana litzlan!


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