Passenger Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Ben Gurion Airport


A Wizz Air flight on Monday morning from Tel Aviv to Latvia with 178 passengers had to make an emergency landing back to Ben Gurion International Airport shortly after takeoff.

According to the pilot, the engine was experiencing trouble while the airplane was over the Mediterranean Sea, and subsequently, a level 2 emergency was declared at Ben Gurion airport.

As the flight was on its return, a number of ambulances from Tel Aviv and several other municipalities nearby were placed on standby. There were no immediately reported injuries on the flight.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Strangely you rarely ever hear of these kind of situations out of Ben Gurion! Who is responsible for aircraft inspection and maintenance? is it the grounds crew at the airport or do airlines have their own crews? Is it the company’s home offices that are to tend to it? Was the aircraft checked out! Latvia could just look for the cheaper way out and pass the aircraft without the inspection!

    • You don’t have to believe their word face value. It can very well be some terror attack which they just learned about.

    • Large commercial airliners have many, many parts that do wear-out, break, and need to be repaired. Sometimes, these malfunctions don’t appear to the Captain and/or the First Officer until the aircraft is ramping-up to take-off power and begins to taxi out to the flight line.

  2. Definitely it was the fault of the ‘grounds crew’. They all went to Yankee stadium to sing YMCA and nobody was left at Ben Gurion to check out the plane.


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