Passaic Mayor Pleads Guilty, Frum Council Member May Take Over


The mayor of a town in New Jersey pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge this morning and is expected to resign later today, ABC 7 reports.

Passaic Mayor Alex Blanco had been under investigation for a kickback scheme in which he took $110,000 from a company building low-income housing.

It is expected that Orthodox Jewish City Council President Gary Schaer will become the acting mayor.

Ironically, ABC points out, Blanco, who will be sentenced on February 23, was elected mayor in 2008 on an anti-corruption platform.



  1. Make this an opportunity for kiddush Hashem. He must be over-board, low key and completely honest. (I don’t know anything about him, so this isn’t to imply that he’s not, but he’ll be under the microscope now.) Hatzlochoh!


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