Paskesz Candy Temporarily Suspends Sour Worx Candy After Child Suffers Irritation



  1. “The safety of our children is of paramount concern”

    Are you kidding me?! The candies they, and the others, sell is the worst thing possible! How much pain & suffering with rotting and decaying teeth? Messes up appetite and causes upset stomach? Leads to obesity? Of course each Parent is responsible for the health of their childrens diet. But for the Company to come across as, oh so righteous, and they are SO concerned, is extremely disingenuous! If they (and the others like them)were really truly “concerned”, they would stop selling all the poisonous candies and other sugar junk. A Company’s (any company) goal is to make money/profit. Whatever sells, do it. That is the bottom line. Companies couldn’t give a crap about people, community, environment, or the earth. As long as the owners/shareholders make a profit, the whole world can go to hell.
    Just the facts my friend.

    • What a horribly cynical attitude, especially toward a frum company. Cigarette companies deserve that type of condemnation, but not nosh companies, bakeries, ice-cream shops, pizza parlors, butchers, supermarkets, groceries, candy stores or any other seller of food/nosh that’s OK in moderation but harmful if consumed in excessive amounts.

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