Pashkevilin Spread Throughout Yerushalayim Urge Charedim To Spend Rosh Hashana On Har Habayis


Activists for the Har Habayis movement entered charedi neighborhoods in a night operation to urge people to go against halacha and enter the Har Habayis.

Movement activists posted thousands of pashkvilim in Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh, and Yerushalayim imitating pashkvilim encouraging Rosh Hashanah travel to Uman in Ukraine, while the movement’s posters suggested visiting Har Habayis instead.

“Har Habayis on Rosh Hashana – Come, Feel, Understand” and “Let no-one be absent from the Har Habayis” are examples of slogans plastered in the neighborhoods of Mea Shearim, Itzkovich in Bnei Brak, Kikar Shabbos  and others, as well as on main roads.

The pashkevilin were mostly destroyed by morning.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. It is not “against halacha” to enter Har Habais if done properly. If anything, it is Bnei Torah who should own up Har Habais, so that all who enter do it properly kehalacha.

  2. To anonymous: Wrong! The Gedolim have ruled on this issue in one voice — Litvish, Chassidic, Sephardi — since 1968, periodically reinforcing that this ruling still holds: it is ossur to ascend Har Habayis. The only ones who hold any different are a minority of far lesser radicals who rebel against the din of those far greater than them.

    • Dear Korach, please study the halachos before speaking up. There are different areas of Har Habais, some of which can be entered. If you disagree, bring halachic sources. Otherwise, you are just embarrassing yourself with your amoratzus.

  3. Rav Eliyashiv wrote there is an issur to go up on the har habayis because of the mitzvah of having moroh mikdash and it is close to inevitable that while up there the person will do some type of action that constitutes a lack of moroh mikdash. In addition we have seen how the Arabs claim to interpret yidden going up to har habayis to daaven, that it is a sign they want to reclaim the makom hamikdash for themselves. And that there are hotheaded teenagers that believe this and murder yidden as a result, as had happened in Har Nof. So if doing such a thing does not make a person an outright rodef, he is still potentially endangering the lives of yidden.


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