Parents Release ISIS Hostage’s Letter


abdul-rahman-kassigAbdul-Rahman Kassig, the latest ISIS hostage to be revealed, sent a touching letter to his parents that has been slowly released. The letter was sent via audio recording to Ed and Paula Kassig two weeks ago, just before their son, a 26-year-old aid worker, was identified by ISIS.

The letter describes the experience of being held captive and reassures his parents. “I want you to know about things here and what I’ve been through straight from me so you don’t have to wonder, guess, or imagine (often this is worse than the reality). All in all I am alright. Physically I am pretty underweight but I’m not starved, & I have no physical injuries, I’m a tough kid and still young so that helps,” he wrote. “Mentally I am pretty sure this is the hardest thing a man can go through, the stress and fear are incredible but I am coping as best I can.” Read more at WANE.

{Andy Newscenter}


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