Parents Of Boy Accused Of Murdering Palestinian Woman: We Know Our Son Is Innocent


The father of the Jewish minor accused of a stone throwing attack that led to the death of a Palestinian woman released a statement denying his son’s connection to the crime.

“We know our son’s innocent. The ordinary man-on-the-street understands our son’s innocent. Unfortunately, the over-motivation to find guilty at all costs has turned us into victims.

“It’ll take time unfortunately but one day our son will be exonerated. We’re sure of this and we know it. But who will give back the years of youth stolen from him? Who will heal his broken heart and that of the family? And of his friends? Who will answer for this? We don’t know that. We’re strong and hope that we’ll survive. But the injustice cries out to Heaven.

“Many thanks to you all and thanks to all the supporters helping us.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. as long as american jewry spoils itself in luxury the rebuilding of eretz yisroel will stay on the shoulders of these special yidden in the heart of israel…

    ומן הכשרים לא מצא לפי שהיו יושבים בבבל בשלווה והעולים בירושלים היו בעוני ובטורח המלאכה ובאימת כל סביבותיה, רש”י קידושין סט

    so to heal our guilt we blame jews for willing to the protect jews in israel

    • Never ever ever trust the Israeli courts, esp. against religious “settlers”. And yes, it could very well have been planted.

  2. I have no idea whether their son is innocent.
    I wish I had heard them say: whoever murdered a passerby is a despicable murderer or “at best” a sicko, and we hope this person is removed from moving around freely, lest he keeps hurting human beings and stirring hatred against every Jew, including our innocent son.
    I am willing to believe their son is innocent, but that means that there is a filthy murderer (be that a “settler” or an arab or whoever else) who is at large and who should be behind bar, or if he has mental health issues, in a psychiatric facility. No?


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