Paralyzed Rebbetzin & Mother of 7 Flies to China 

This morning, Israeli mother of 7 Rebbetzin Madar flew to China, in hopes of alleviating some of the stifling pain of ALS. Having been diagnosed just six months ago, the Rebbetzin is already unable to speak or move.
Her 7 children are understandably living in a state of shock, as their mother has been reduced to an unrecognizable low.
Thousands of ALS sufferers have flocked to China for stem cell treatments, and seen miraculous results. The possibility of being treated in China has provided a new life for many who were otherwise told there was no hope.
However the stem cell treatment which could save Rebbetzin Madar’s life costs an inconceivable $30,000. The family lives quite modestly as is, and could not possibly cover the costs. They are unwilling, however, to give up on their hope that one day their mother could speak and walk again. That is why they have started an emergency fund, with the help and backing of tzedaka organization Kupat Ha’Ir and crowdfunding site The Chesed Fund. Kupat Ha’Ir’s rabbinical council have called upon klal yisroel to take part in this urgent matter of life and death.
A video released by the Rebbetzin’s son, Elazar, is almost too painful to watch. The young man visibly chokes back tears as he begs watchers to value his mother’s life.
The Madar family are watching with bated breath to see if their fundraising campaign can help their mother to afford her treatments. In the meantime 7 children live in fear.


  1. Where is emuna these days
    don’t go if you are a believing Jew
    halacha certainly doesnt require one to seek out doctors over seas
    Hashem could heal everywhere, or choose not to. but going to china isnt going to help
    for us going to a doctor when were sick is torah required because we arent on the level of lets say nevi’im but there needs to be some point which we say no hashem will take care.

    i know we cant judge any individual with the circumstances there going but i wish i saw baalei emuna

  2. Isn’t Israel supposed to be a world leader in ALS research? Why are they going to China?
    My father a’h was niftar from ALS so I know what they’re going through. It’s an awful disease and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no cure. I hope this woman and everyone else who’s suffering have a refuah shelaima.
    I don’t mean to sound harsh or heartless, but there are more heartbreaking tzedaka stories on the frum news sites than there is news. I feel sorry for those who are suffering, but there comes a point, unfortunately, when we hit the saturation point.

  3. Yehuda: I don’t understand you. Many people travel from Israel to America for treatment. They even fly from NY to Cleveland or Boston for treatment. I don’t believe it’s not being a Baal Emunah by going to China. Hashem made some countries more advanced in some areas of medical care. It may be hishtadlus to seek out the best care. May Hashem heal the sick of Klal Yisroel.

  4. Yehuda, Rav Firer sends fine Jews, baalei emunah no less than you, all over the world to wherever their medical conditions can best be treated. A friend’s husband had a liver transplant many years ago in Germany – may he live until 120. It was not out of lack of emunah that he went there!
    I give you a bracha that you never be tested. One just needs to retain the awareness that doctors are only shlichim and Hashem is the only real Doctor who can cure. Regarding ALS research in Israel – it could be that it is more difficult to get stem cell treatment and for some reason it’s more available in China. Please trust the intelligence and common sense of the family and the patient advocates that are sending them to China for treatment, that if it were available in Israel, they would not be going away from friends and family, with huge costs, for no purpose.

  5. People try anything when everything seems lost; sometimes even try treatments that are not scientifically based and their success is anecdotical. If China has an advanced treatment for ALS and if “thousands of ALS sufferers have flocked to China for stem cell treatments, and seen miraculous results” is true, where are the medical publications in refereed medical journals, why are not some of these centers in the USA? and where are all those thousand of ALS that were successfully treated in China?


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