Panicked Cow Kills Palestinian Man Trying To Slaughter It For Muslim Feast


palestinian-cowMore than 70 other people have been injured during this year’s Eid al-Adha in the Gaza Strip, either with knife wounds on injuries sustained from bolting animals, local health officials said.

During the Festival of the Sacrifice, a four-day celebration that ends on Tuesday, Muslims butcher a sheep, goat or cow to commemorate the story of “the Islamic prophet Ibrahim” (sic).

In the blockaded Mediterranean enclave, where poverty and unemployment levels are high, many families save all year to buy an animal to slaughter.

A spokesperson from the ministry of agriculture in Gaza said this was the first death the region has seen during Eid and claimed that the man who was killed in Rafah on Saturday was elderly and suffered severe heart problems.

Ibrahim Al Kidra, deputy minister of agriculture, added: “We ask people to use official areas and allow professionals to make their sacrifices but as this costs $150, most people try to kill the animals at home, despite the dangers.”

The Telegraph

{ Israel}


  1. Why is this news worthy. Such “strange” stories happen all the time all over the world. I imagine because its a Palestinian, but for the life of me can’t figure out why this unfortunate story is being reported.


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