Pamphlet Released In Lakewood Giving Chizuk To Anti Vaxxers



  1. The simple answer is……

    Sakanta chamira m’isurah

    No machlokos regarding the above mentioned mamer chazel!

  2. Nice try. Won’t fly. In all the examples given, the lack of banding together did not affect the LIVES of the people involved.

    In this case, the anti-Vaxxers are putting other people’s lives in danger, and there is no requirement to give them any recognition whatsoever. A rodef does not fall under the poster’s rubrik.

  3. The whole world is a better place because of the vaccines having vaccine introduced. I winder how many of these families are on food stamps, section 8 and medicaid. Shut up and live normally. Vaccination is a must! וחי אחיך עמך

  4. The anti vaxxers are NOT looking out for Kevod Shamayim and are considered “Rodfim”.
    The anti vaxxers that are not seeing to teach their expelled children in a “Vaccine-free” environment are NOT looking out for Kevod shamayim.
    The schools not letting “Rodfim” into their schools are demonstrating major Kevod shomayim by looking out for the “Nirdofim”

  5. Thank you Rabbi Meyer. The same Mesivta boys who are sitting now at home in Brooklyn for several weeks (where there is no outbreak), aren’t being locked out of shuls. So you will blame on NYC dept of Ed. Well where are the so called “community organizations” now? Is it because that would cause them to lose battles on other issues? There are many people that will have to answer for the bital torah caused. So thank you for standing up to what is right. You are a lone voice in a world gone mad with gaavah!!!

  6. He has some good points, but he’s not smarter than there Poskim and Rabbanim who said to ban them from schools. It’s a nice dvar Torah, but if it ends up being fuel for anti vaxxers, it’s definitely ignoring חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם.

    • I dunno what ur on abt. My son was hospitalized after a severe physical and mental reaction to the mmr vaccine. My other kids had the measles and are all doing well

      • sure he was! and you are the medical doctor who confirmed this? which prestigious medical school did you attend. go home betty your drunk!

        • For you ignorant vaxxers
          DOCTORS DO NOT LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT VACCINES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL. They only get the CDC’s instructions as to when they need to administer vaccines. Go check out the facts and maybe you will learn something, you puppet. The robbonim also need to get informed, sadly they are no less ignorant than all the vaxxers, blaming it on the doctors won’t save them oif yene velt.

  7. My Rav shlita made the same point. How can Chadorim of all places be used as a tool of attack. Our Torah of tinokes shel beis Rabon is being used as a vehicle of coercion. Specifically from here they are barred entry. When in history has a Talmud Torah been used as a weapon to coerce someone. Hashem Yeracheim

  8. My Rav shlita made the same point. How can Chadorim of all places be used as a tool of attack. Our Torah of tinokes shel beis Rabon is being used as a vehicle of coercion. Specifically from here they are barred entry. When in history has a Talmud Torah been used as a weapon to coerce someone. Hashem Yeracheim

  9. Very well written and some very important points were raised.
    Certainly we all must strive, both as individuals and as a Klall, to improve our level of Avodah, Ahavah and Yiras HaShem, to grow in Torah, Avodah, and Gemilus Chasadim, dibuk Chachomim, and Ahavas Yisroel.

    As much as we are part – an integral and irreplaceable part – of the Klall, nobody is superfluous, and everyone plays a different role. Some are Einei HaEidah, others Askonim, and still others Tomchei Torah. Some may be a combination of two or three. But none are exactly the same. That is why we cannot say why something happens to someone else. It does not say we should be mifashpeish in the deeds of someone else to determine what needs to be improved. As a Klall, we can be guided by our Gedolim as to which areas should be improved, but precisely how, when, and to what extent is a personal matter. For some a “dumb” phone is the only option. For others a “Kosher” phone. For some a shoulder length sheitel would be a true sacrifice. For others it would be pritzus.

    When, however, it comes to an issur of lo sa’amod or a concern of sakanta chamira mei’Isura, the rules of I’m not holding there yet arguably don’t apply.

  10. Suggesting that parents, teachers, or menahalim are not acting properly is one thing, but to suggest that all the poskim who have supported the schools right and obligations to reject students who have not been vaccinated, is treading on very different ground. Even those Rabbonim (not sure if it’s one or many) who do not insist on vaccinations, support school’s right to reject unvaccinated students.

    And even if the basis for their support is the protests of the parents of vaccinated children (or those who cannot be vaccinated), teachers, or menahalim, that would be their p’sak as well. Even if it were based on threats from the government to close schools who are not complying, that would be their p’sak.

    I am sure you are not being mocheh for kovod Shomayim at the expense of the kovod of those who were included in ES HaShem E-lokecha tira. That would be dangerous and plain wrong.

  11. wow! I never thought of it that way!
    I’m not for religiosity police, but I guess we should think about our actions as a community (especially now that its over & not such an emotional topic anymore.)

    • Nothing is richtig. Don’t be fooled. It’s just professional spin. A good writer could convince some people that the earth is flat.

  12. As usual a fake news headline from MATZAV. Let me stert off i am a huge fan of vaccinating and folloowing the doctors orders and all my kids are BH at or ahead of their vaccination schedule. I opened this article expecting to fing some sillt argument for anti vaxxing * as most of them are, although some may have one or two decent points about the hysteria being overdone) ,and yet i didn’t see anything in the article promoting nit giving vaccinnes as the writer himself says he gives his children. All this well written letter is arguing for is that if we can as a community make such strict unified guidelines against this issue, why can’t we do it foe other things/ Why shouldn’t all shuls post big signs on the doors IF YOU TALK DURING DAVENING DO NOT COME IN or same in regards to TZNIUS or TECHNOLOGY. It would be nice if the מצדיקי הרבים at MATZAV would post the TRUE headline for this article מחאת חיזוק לכבוד שמים ‘which can be learned from the VAXX/ANTIVAXX issue.
    Maybe MATZAV will be able to start this campaign in shuls and yeshivos of getting together to make a stand for כבוד שמים

  13. you missed the point with your headline. it wasn’t written to give chizuk to antivaxxer but to question why the provaxxers are so crazy about vaccines and not other more important issues.

    • so a bochur should be thrown out of yeshiva because their father doesn’t learn everyday?
      or a daughter be penalised for her mothers tznios?

      is it impossible a child from a frumma household turn not religous? and someone from a orthodox or modern orthodox household become a talmud chochim?
      how does a fathers underwear color show who is destined for greatness?

  14. never should we ban a child from yeshiva, for their parents dress code, or their father’s kovia itim litorah.

    To even suggest such things is pure rishus. (If the previous generation would have made these bans, I highly doubt that the majority of leaders of the previous generation would be shomer shabbos much less gedolim)

    Let him moche that Assemblyman Kean voted to teach children about LGBT in all subjects, if he want to talk about us being the moche of our kavod andnot Gods.

    The fact that he attacks good things about the Jewish community shows he doesn’t care about God or our kavod, and this whole thing is just a move to endanger Jewish kids!

  15. “Just me” you are spot on about the headline. And we just had 2,300 cases of measles in Israel and 150 more here between NY and NJ and not a single death this proves measles is not a terminal illness like the establishment cries and scares us all day like crazy and the pro vaxers have such sinah to the anti vaxers because of medical brainwashing. As to the downs syndrome baby in Israel we heard from their family friends that baby had a congenital heart defect and the death was several days after the measles elapsed it wasn’t from measles. Having Bronchitis is far more dangerous then measles

    • Apparently, your wishful thinking has not convinced the hundreds who have lined up to get their vaccines, and rebel against their parents neglect.

  16. How is it a sakana if everybody’s vaccinated? And these ppl who don’t vaccinate also have da’as torah- there’s 5 major poskim who support not vaccinating. We aren’t smarter than them either. Just like there’s bais hillel, there’s bais shamai. We don’t understand it, but we can’t say we know everything either. Why can’t we just have our emuna? Why can’t we say they do their hishtadlus to not vaccinate, and we do ours to vaccinate? At the end of the day, we DO get cleaning ladies, and we DO walk in the streets and walk into stores. This country is full of unvaccinated immigrants and refugees. And not only that- but these vaccines protect only for 27 out of the millions of viruses we are breathing every day. Even the vaccines itself only have some of the many strains of the virus; y aren’t we afraid of the other strains? These ppl aren’t sick w/ the measles; they just don’t carry immunity to it. Its like me calling you a rodef because you’re not immune to strep. Ah, we don’t have a vaccine for strep- but if we did- wud that make u a rodef if u didn’t take it? Tomorrow if we have a vaccine ur a rodef. But today now that there isn’t a vaccine- ur not a rodef? All this doesn’t make sense! We all do our parts and daven for Hashem to bentsch us all w/ good health. Hashem doesn’t want sinas chinam to the point where we stoop down and call ppl names like “rasha’I’m, mazikim, rodfim etc…” These are our own jewish bretheren!

    • Maybe mama should listen to baba. Every sentence is nisht tzum zach! I feel bad for these poor innocent children of non-vaxxers who are the real victims of ….. parental malpractice.

  17. If you never stepped foot in a medical school how can you give a medical opinion
    Would u qualify as a boki upon whose advise one can eat on Yom Kippur ?

  18. A Yiddishe Mame your comment is beautiful.
    Strep bronchitis or pneumonia are more dangerous then measles we just had 2,450 cases and I did not see the many funerals the doctors warned will happen from it. They said 1-3 from every thousand measles cases WILL die we should have had 2 to 8 funerals already from measles which did not happen all that fear mongering caused so much sinas chinam its terrible. Had we experienced 5 levayas from measles I’d say it’s plain sinah(the anti Vax says there’s deaths from the vaccine too) but there weren’t so I say sinas Chinam. Before the churban bayis there was similar sinah among klal Yisrael everyone said his neighbor wasn’t frum enough or wasn’t good enough in one way or another I believe its written in the Netzivs hakdama al hatorah

  19. @A Yiddishe mama, your comments are spot on and so thought out.
    It’s amazing how we are so judgemental yet how many have bothered to study the vaccines components and possible side effects?
    How many are willingly inserting carcinogenic material into the bodies of children and then cry when they get cancer? How many of us have proof that vaccines do not cause infertility? According to a new study recently released, aluminum in vaccines can be a source for infertility.
    We’re arguing about a disease that lasts a week. What about those children that are scarred for life with childhood cancers, autoimmune diseases and infertility due to the vaccine? Does anyone care about that??
    For those of you out there that feel that you can make decisions for other people’s children, are you willing to take care of the child if they get injured, maimed or killed??
    We can each make decisions for our own children because we have to live with that consequence forever. How dare anyone make decisions for other people’s children without taking the responsibility for the outcome!

    • either you get vaccinated or the state will step in and force it. your choice! have fun! the state isnt gonna wait for and epidemic!

  20. to Richtig: “(especially now that its over & not such an emotional topic anymore.)”
    Not sure what you mean by its over. There are several hundred children on the East Coast still not allowed back into school with no clear answer on when they will be. Ohh…., so you meant the outbreak is over – well apparently the powers that be still don’t think those that don’t have immunity should be allowed back to school.

  21. It is sad to see so much misguided and wrong information spouted by people who are not health professionals. It is tragic that so many of our people subscribe to discredited and dangerous conspiracy-views. Most Poskim advocate measles vaccination in line with the consensus virtually all mainstream doctors.

    Parents who insist on sending their non-vaccinated child to school should really build their own moisdos else they fall into a category of rodfim

  22. How soon can we start an Emergency campaign to build a boys elementary school, a girls elementary school, a boys mesiftah ( we may need two 1 for no English and 1 for yes English – to allow for the Rabbanim who allow it even in Lakewood), a girls high school, a BaIs Medrosh, a seminary, and a Kollel exclusively for non vaccinators.
    It’s a emergency for more then one reason.
    It’s also a big tzedakah since one should supply the tzedakah receiver with all his needs even if outrageous as is the Halacha.
    We may also have to pay a bit more to find unvaccinated staff including but not limited to rebbayim, principles, office staff, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and last but not least bussing staff.
    I think this tzedakah has priority to all others because it saves vaccinated people AND non vaccinated people AND it supports Torah which is not limited to the ‘fifth of your income’ rule.
    Don’t forget we need buildings for all of the above as well.
    This will bring us around a full circle from just a Purim only Yeshivah to a year round Yeshivah AND girls school.

  23. So busy with making a Chilul Hashem. Just so that you know
    1- there are NON -Jewish Private Schools out there that
    have 100% religious exempt. That means that no student in their school is vaccinated. You can check this out by googling “vaccination rates in school’s database.”

    2. There are public schools in the zip codes that the students were expelled from due to the outbreak, that have greater percentage of non vaxxed Children. They weren’t expelled. Don’t you see some sort of target here? That brings us to –

    3. The one behind this fiasco is Tom Frieden- who has a prestigious job in the CDC. Guess what!? He too was behind the Metzitz B’peh situation. He tried banning all Bris Milah! Is that a clear target?

    4. Since when does the DOH care so much about our health? Aren’t they allowing foods or the likes that are completely unhealthy to be sold on the shelves of stores? Why don’t they ban those kind of things that clearly lead to all kind of issues? Whether, Physically or mentally (ADHD…). So why are they desperate here for you to vaccinate-

    5. There are major filthy rich investors involved and supporting studies done on vaccines. Did you know, that any doctor that has patients completely in compliance, gets $400 per patient. Wake up! Don’t you smell the business deal- they’re gaining on you? Don’t you see why it is so important for them that you vaccinate and are completely up to date?

    6. Attached find a link to which you’ll see the government documents stating 1,570 vaccine injuries which occurred in NJ alone in the year of 2008. – After reading this do you still feel vaccine injuries are a one in a million chance. Do you need more proof than that?!
    7. Attached here you can read testimonials of real people in the Jewish community alone that agreed to vaccinate. They followed their doctors blindly- just like most of us- and learned the hard way. .

    8. You can watch moving videos on the website
    As long as you weren’t affected Baruch Hashem it is easy to talk, shout, negate and condemn. Hashem should help you should never be tested and you temimos/luck should work for you, but these parents who you are booing have to live with their disabled children or unfortunately the memory of their children day in and day out. So, next time before you condemn someone, maybe think do I know all the facts are am I just following the DOH, CDC, and doctors blindly. Because, just remember they are not God and there is a reason they all have good fatality insurance plans. Everyone can make mistakes and malpractices.
    And in conclusion if you really are interested in studying and researching the matter, below you might find some interesting articles and facts that were proven about vaccines.

    1. Attached here are 20 vaccine fact that doctors are required to give you before vaccinating. Why they don’t give it to you- is clear. But next time you vaccinate ask them to see it.
    2. Here you can read why a pediatrician stopped vaccinating her children with the flu shot.
    3. Attached here is a must read! 12 practicing doctors who use to consider themselves vaccine bullies and at some point or another came to the realization that something is very off and stopped vaccinate or pushing vaccines on their patients.
    4. Attached here find an article printed by the Jewish Press in the year of 2013 by William Handler. He studied the topic of vaccines in depth.
    5. Google ingredients in vaccines. You may be shocked to find out some of the ingredients are pig fat, live aborted fetus cells and monkey tissues. That is without mentioning all the aluminum and metals…
    6. This may interest you as well
    7. Let me tell you an interesting fact about the polio vaccine and the disease. The first polio outbreak was in 1945. That’s when the government sprayed DDT (pesticide) in our environment. The vaccine has been invented 10 years later in 1955, by that time the government realized the damage the DDT spray was doing and stopped spraying it. Causing the cases of polio to dramatically drop. In other words by the time the vaccine was created polio was already being eradicated other ways.
    Just as a by the way must people that honestly researched this topic in depth either because they were unsure what to do, or just as a hobby began seeing some falsery and stopped vaccinating.

    The main thing is that whatever you do you should have Syata Dshmaya and Hashem (not our doctors, CDC or DOH) should always keep Yidishe Kinderlach safe and sound.

  24. To Yiddishe Buby- with all due respect, I myself was vaccine injured. I almost died from the DPT when I was a child, so please don’t tell me you feel sorry for my children.
    I have 4 children and the last time they went to the doctor- each of them- was when they were 3 months old- and that wasnt due to sickness but due to stam a checkup. They DONT EVER – and I sincerely mean EVER- get sick! Maybe a cold? That’s the furthest it’s gone. (Chasdei Hashem!) I think I’m giving them the best gift ever- an immune system that hasn’t been bombarded and therefore is strong enough iyH to fight illness. I don’t think anybody who vaxxes can claim to have the same healthy kids as we do, sorry!

    Look at your children, my dear vaxxers! I am a teacher- I see it in the classroom. Ask a classroom, “How many of you have allergies, asthma, eczema, non-stop strep, always on antibiotics, learning disabilities, seizures, tics, or ADD/ADHD?” More than half the class will raise their hand!

    In the 1980’s chronic illness in children was 12 percent. Now it’s 53%! That’s insane! We are giving 72 doses of vaccines by the time they’re 18 yrs old! That’s not nearly how many vaccines you got!

    Yiddishe Buby- you too are not up to date. When was the last time you were vaccinated? When did you follow such a schedule that your grandchildren do?

    And if you were honest, Yiddishe Buby, you would see that children during your generation weren’t as sick as children today. Beat that. Feel bad for me? Fascinating.


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