Palin Hits Statue of Liberty, Confirms Tour Will Go National


statue-of-libertySarah Palin’s northeast tour took to the water this morning as she hit Liberty Island today with her parents and youngest daughter, Piper. They were accompanied by approximately 10 park rangers and police escorts as they made their way to the Statue of Liberty.

It’s a scene we’ll likely be seeing for some time to come.

Palin confirmed that she’s going to Boston after New York and that after the northeast, she’ll go back to Alaska before re-launching the tour – called the “One Nation Tour,” after all – on the West Coast.

She told ABC News about her plans after she leaves the northeast:

“Go back to Alaska – in fact today, Willow [the middle Palin daughter] already had to get back to work so she had to leave – go back to Alaska, come back on the trail again, and take the tour west as the summer progresses.”

Asked if she’ll go all over the country, Palin said, “that is our plan, our tentative plan, anyway.”

Has the tour made her want to run for president in 2012?

“Oh man,” she said, “It makes me want to travel across the US to see the great people who’ve contributed so wonderfully to this country.”

Still, she maintained that she does not know if she’ll jump into the pool of Republican contenders and doesn’t see her trip as a campaign tour.

As Palin left the monument, she paused to hear a school group sing the national anthem, holding her hand over her heart. She’s expected to dock at Ellis Island next.

{ABC News/ Newscenter}


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