Palin: Federal Debt Like Slavery


national-debtFormer Alaska governor Sarah Palin said at a fundraising dinner last night in Iowa that the federal debt shackles Americans like slavery.

“Our free stuff is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China,” Palin said. “When that money comes due-and this isn’t racist, but it’ll be like slavery when that note is due. We are going to be beholden a foreign master.”

Palin told the Iowans that they are “unpretentious, hardworking, humble, very candid.” Read more at The Des Moines Register.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Smile, Palin is not only going to overthrow the nice comedy club, she is going to go out in better commercial value when she flips over in the war zone of voided betterment.

  2. Hard to believe how close she was to the presidency
    I’m no genius myself, but at least I know it.
    Have mercy Mr. Percy. Give me a break please!!

  3. Sarah Palin’s pointing out that our national debt is $17 TRILLION is stupid??

    Its much more stupid that Obama and his lefty Democrat minions conveniently ignore this ticking time bomb.

    It is so stupid that Washington is so overspent and that Obama wants to spend and tax us even more with ObamaCare and that they do not want to any non-military federal spending.

    It is so stupid that Washington, D.C. is stuffed with pork-barrel project funding for the unions, for the environmentalists, and for any other left-wing cause.

    I’ll believe Sarah Palin before I will believe Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Wasserman Schultz owes Obama; Palin owes no one.

  4. And what state gets the largest share of federal tax dollars per capita? Alaska. Don’t recall her turning down money when she was governor. Just saying…


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