Palestinians Busy Repairing Gaza Smuggling Tunnels


palestinian-tunnelEgypt’s crackdown on tunnels used by smugglers in Gaza have wrecked havoc on its economy. Unemployment has risen to more than double that of the West Bank. At the same time, costs are rising steeply. Since Egypt’s crackdown in August, cement prices have nearly tripled. Dependent on taxes on tunnels for half its revenues, Hamas is now virtually insolvent.

At first glance, the Gaza-Egypt border still appears to be humming, with dozens of Palestinian tunnelers working tirelessly. The workers are not busy transporting goods, however. They are transferring mud that poured in after Egyptian bombings triggered landslides.

“Around 5% of the tunnels are working,” says Abu Ahmed, the owner of two tunnels who is overseeing their restoration.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. and where does the millions of dollars coming from our hard earned american tax dollars given to them go??? It’s amazing how the powers that be are so blind to the situation

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  3. it should have stated “wreaked havoc”, not wrecked havoc. halevai that it would wreck havoc. that would be a great invention

  4. This massive undertaking is an effort with sinister undertones. a nuanced analysis of how much havoc it would wreck is staggering in its very infancy. in the embrionic stages which are nascent we begin to sense trends that portend to future intricate designs. see debka for a more thorough breakdown of the collateral damage predicted by caving in tunnels on an already stunted economy let alone on the morale of this amoral people.submission to this backbreaking yet tireless labor of spewed hate has to have seismic repercussions on a local if not a global hegemony.

  5. What was the unemployment ratio with the west bank prior to the crackdown? can this have anything to do with the fact that there is a crackdown ?

  6. the article doesn’t say anythiong about how the mud is being transferred, just what its source is. any reason for the ommision?

  7. Just curious. did someone from Matzav go into the tunnels to watch the proceedings? if not, do you have a reliable source? the numbers don’t seem to add up if you do a simple google search on global cement prices!

  8. Hamas’s virtual insolvency is merely that; virtual. they have a steady revenue source ; in fact several, ranging from american mosques to iran to egyptian warlords to russian underworld kings to chinese sleeper cells. don’t kid yourself.

  9. Stopping the tunnels loses no esteem. They are not always higher in their payment to charity when they are hill deep in their own economy of trying to remove the hope of better living from their own problem. In most cases, a tunnel might be freedom but with the men and women who call themselves palestinians and want to destroy the future of a sovereign nation based on freedom and integrity, these tunnels are just a hair pin romance with the incongruent dream of lost shelter and lost application. They do not have liberty. They have defeat. And it is very poor.


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