Palestinians Aren’t Paying Israel for Electricity


palestinian-attack-shiloachIsraeli Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom on Thursday threatened to cut off Israel’s electric supply to the Palestinian Authority if it did not pay its massive debts.

“They have over a billion shekels [$282 million] of debt and they’ll need to pay them,” he said. “We sent them a letter this week and if they don’t give the right response, we will be forced to act.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If I don’t pay my electric bill here in Israel, my power will be cut off.

    If the Palestinian Authority doesn’t pay their bill, they should expect the same treatment.

    Those who pay their electric bills shouldn’t have to subsidize the electricity of those who don’t.

    There’s no free lunch!

  2. ??

    The medina will give in to the arabs like they did with the Goyim in Yerushalaim. There was a story last year about the Catholic Church owing millions in utility bills and the medina just forgave the debt.

    Like IsraelReader, if my electric debt reaches 2,000 shekels, they cut me off. But for the arabs and the goyim…


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