Palestinians ‘Will Not Give Up One Inch Of Land,’ Abbas Says


abbasUpon returning Thursday from his visit to the United States, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said at a reception in Ramallah that the Palestinians “will not give up one inch of land” nor yield to “pressures” in the American-brokered peace talks with Israel.

“You are aware of all the conditions and the pressures, but I repeat: We will not give in,” Abbas said, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

On the prospect of giving up land, Abbas said, “Not on my watch. I will not let that happen. … Be assured that we will be victorious.”


{ Israel}


  1. As long as their terrorists are freed why should they? There were wars, they lost and the world insists that the winner gives back all that was lost! They have vicious murderers in Israeli jails that keep getting freed for nothing in return why should they alter their status quo! They’re the winners!

  2. Abbas is like a microscope that will not focus. Perhaps his images are such that the blur is so bad he can not even imagine the form. A poor fraud without a good blessing even in his own feelings. Not much to work with as a future state of his own people might even be considered for even the most remote place in human kind.

  3. @ #2 no one is asking Israel to give back land won in war. Jordan doesn’t want it back. The wirks wants Israel to give AWAY land it won from Jordan, and give it away to the palestinians.

  4. Israel should learn from its enemies. Israel should have said this ages ago and should still say it. Israel has no right to give away holy land.


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