Palestinian Threat To Cut Communications With US


The Palestinians are threatening to cut off all communication with the Trump administration if it goes through with plans to shutter the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat says the U.S. administration’s decision is — in his words — “very unfortunate and unacceptable.”

He’s accusing the U.S. of bowing to pressure from the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, just as he says the Palestinians are “trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate deal.” Read more at WaPo.



  1. U think trump is really wetting his pants now??? Ha ha ha
    As abba eban said they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity .

  2. Oh boy. America must be petrified. Loose down won’t sliding door. A cup of tea better peanuts handful. No hate Torah being learnt. Yireh is back.


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