Palestinian Official Rejects Trump’s Promise To Give Them Something ‘Very Good’


Palestinian leaders rejected apparent overtures by US President Donald Trump on Wednesday after he said they would get something “very good” in exchange for his country recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Senior Palestinian official Ahmad al-Tamimi said the US president’s assertion that he had removed the issue of Jerusalem from future negotiations was “a continuation of the US policies in favor of Israel”.Speaking to official Palestinian news agency WAFA, he added that Trump’s push for a Israeli-

Palestinian peace deal was impossible without “recognizing east Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state”.

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  1. Hopefully, he has no plans to give an inch of Israel (including the Golan Heights) away to the Arabs. It belongs to the Jews and no one, not even President Trump, has the right to give it away to anyone.

    To make everyone happy, including the Left, Trump should give them the rotten State of California.


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