Palestinian Medic Killed, 84 Injured In Gaza Border Protests


Some 4,500 Palestinians demonstrators gathered at five different locations along the Gaza Strip border on Friday, Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) said, marking 20th consecutive Friday’s of protests.

IDF said demonstrators were throwing rocks and burning tires at Israeli troops, causing them to respond with live fire “in accordance with the rules of engagement”.

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said paramedic Abdullah al-Qatiti was killed during the clashes. Another 84 people had been injured during border clashes with IDF, testing the calm that has descended on the region after two days of fierce fighting.


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  1. Around two months ago there was another such case in which they said a ‘medic’ was killed. Later it came out that the ‘medic’ was involved in hostilities.

    So don’t necessarily assume that everything the other side claims is accurate.

    • Exactly. The fake news also reported that a little toddler was killed and eventually they had to admit that the kids death had nothing to do with Israel.

  2. Why is Israel treating this situation like a joke – a child’s game? Every retaliation is a miniscule slap on a wrist. This time, IDF hits two Hammas positions. Big flipping deal. Why doesn’t Israel wipe out ALL of Hammas in Gaza? Why are they waiting?

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