Palestinian Leader: Unlike Other Arab Countries, Allah Blessed the Palestinian People with a Clear Enemy


palestinian-terrorist-prisonersYa’qub Qarash, a member of the Palestinian National Council, said on Palestinian Authority TV on November 1, 2013:

“Allah be praised, we, the Palestinian people in this age, were honored by God, who opened the passage to Paradise, by opening the gates of martyrdom to us.”

“Our Palestinian people is fighting a clear and overt enemy, and those of us who are killed in this fighting are martyrs indeed. We are not engaged in civil strife, as in Egypt or Syria, or some other Arab countries.”

“Allah blessed the Palestinian people with a clear and well-known enemy, against whom the fighting is an undeniable right. Anyone killed by this enemy is a martyr beyond any doubt.”

“Allah absolves the martyr of his sins with the first drop of his blood….He is welcomed by the angels…” Read more at MEMRI.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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