Palestinian Fatah Rally Honors Terrorists, Features Young Girl Glorifying Violence


A recent rally held by the Fatah political party, which is headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, presented “plaques of glory and honor” to the relatives of two Palestinian terrorists and featured a chant by a young girl who glorified violence.

In its latest report on Palestinian incitement, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) said Thursday that at a rally marking Fatah’s anniversary this month, the young Palestinian girl encouraged death for “Palestine,” for which “blood is spilled.”

“This is what Yasser [Arafat] called for…He announced: For the sake of Jerusalem my path is burning,” the girl said, according to PMW, citing a Jan. 8 post on Fatah’s official Facebook page.

At the same rally, the honorary plaques were given to the families of Palestinian terrorists Zaid Younes, who was involved in a 2002 suicide attack in Tel Aviv that injured 23 people, and Nael Yassin, who murdered Israeli Border Police officer Yosef Tabjeh in 2000 and was involved in dozens of other attacks until he was arrested in 2006. JNS.ORG



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