Palestinian Baby Gets Jewish Heart


A four-month-old Palestinian baby is fighting for his life after receiving a heart from a year-and-a-half-old Jewish child.

Dr. David Mishaly, chief surgeon at Sheba’s Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery Unit in Ramat Gan, said the baby came from Ramallah Hospital for treatment and got the heart as a last resort measure to save his life.

The baby’s grandmother said that her family would like to meet and thank the family of the Jewish child.

{ Israel}


    • Hey 5:00pm, you couldn’t be more wrong: B”H it is still a very tiny miniscule fraction that are intermarried, though Judenrat Israeli elites are probably working overtime to increase it. Besides, even if someone is halachically a Jew yet wants to destroy the Jewish nation(e.g. Torquemada or Judenrat Capos), he is still a rodeif and shouldn’t receive a life-saving Jewish heart.


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