Palestinian Authority: We’ll Continue to Pay Prisoners and Their Families


The PA leadership stressed on Tuesday that it will not be deterred by the Israeli Knesset decision Monday to deduct the amount the PA pays to security prisoners and their families from the tax revenues Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinians, and that the PA will continue to pay these salaries, Khaled Abu Toameh reports in the Jerusalem Post.

The PA said it was planning to take action in various international forums to force Israel to backtrack on its decision.

The PA Finance Ministry noted that Israel was already deducting NIS 120 million each month from the tax revenues to cover the costs of electricity and water that Israel supplies to the Palestinians, in addition to reimbursement for medical treatment Palestinians receive in Israeli hospitals.

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    • It’s not as if Israel has a normal leadership, like President Trump. Israel is controlled by some self-appointed-judges-for-life and Bibi (or any other PM) is their puppet. Hence, Israel will not harm the terrorists in any way. Israel wouldn’t even destroy their thousands of illegal buildings which they do for Jews as soon as those pro-Arab radical leftist judges order them to.

  1. I like comment post #2!!!
    Why the UNWRA doesn’t declare that a crime? Why it hasn’t been addressed at the Hague World Court is astounding. True it’s not an Israeli crime but still! Where is the world cry? Where are all the human rights organizations? Oh right, it’s not an Israeli crime!!

  2. Talk about cutting their nose to spite their face. They would rather pay murderers thn shore up their economy.

    This is truly the middah of Amalek.

  3. and where are all the nations who contribute money to be used for humane purposes and watch that money being squandered to reward murderers? oh, right; as much as the other countries claim to hate the muslims, they hate the jews more

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