Palestinian Authority Arrests American Citizen for Helping Arab Sell House to Jews


The family of a Palestinian-American citizen reached out to the US State Department for help after he was arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces for his role in selling an Arab-owned house to Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem.

According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, the man, a 55-year-old resident of Bethlehem who had worked for the PA Ministry for Local Government, was charged by the PA for facilitating an arrangement between the Arab owner of a house who wished to sell and a Jewish organization that wanted to buy.

No comment has been issued by the Palestinian Authority.

The accused man is said to have received a $25,000 commission for his role in the sale between an Arab widow in the Muslim Quarter and the Jewish organization.

A fatwa (religious edict) was issued by Palestinian Islamic religious authorities last week accusing any Arab who sold land to Jews of “high treason,” saying “the land of Palestine was an inalienable religious endowment that cannot be sold” to non-Muslims.




  1. Let’s see what happens to him! Will the world have the same reaction when they kill him, certainly after horrific torture, !s they did with this Saudi bloodhound?


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