Palestinian Admits to Petach Tikva Stabbing Attack


stabbingA Palestinian man who was illegally staying in Israel carried out last Sunday’s stabbing attack against an Israeli man in Petach Tikva, police said on Tuesday, as the case’s gag order was lifted.

Shin Bet agents helped police identify the suspect from among several undocumented Palestinians the Border Police and Israel Police had arrested shortly after the attack. During the investigation, 28-year-old Fadi Walid Ibrahim al-Huda, from Birzeit, admitted to stabbing an Israeli man in the stomach, and he re-enacted the attack for police.

The Shin Bet said that Huda is an active member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He has served prison time for actions against the Israel Defense Forces and conspiring to carry out a suicide attack.

Huda said he carried out the stabbing in revenge for the death of Mutaz Washha, also a PFLP member from Birzeit, who was killed by Israeli forces during an arrest operation last week.

The Shin Bet said Sunday’s stabbing highlighted the risks posed by undocumented Palestinians staying illegally in Israel and the need to close gaps in the security barrier.


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