PA Media: Jews Desecrated A Muslim Site By Visiting The Koesl On Tisha B’av


The official news agency of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Wafa, said Jews visiting the Kosel during Tuesday’s Tisha B’Av fast “desecrated” a Muslim holy site.

“Last night, thousands of settlers desecrated the Plaza of Al-Buraq Wall, the western wall of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and held a festive event, prayers and Talmudic ceremonies on the occasion of what is called the Ninth of Av according to the Hebrew calendar, or the so-called Destruction of the Temple,” Wafa reported.

Wafa added, “The settlers hurried to arrive to the Old City of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in a number of processions, characterized by improper behavior, which was protected by occupation forces (Israeli security), until they reached the Al-Buraq Plaza. The imaginary-temple groups announced the organization of a large procession from one of the gates of the Old City.”

The PA media outlet’s claim that the Kosel and Har Habayis are exclusively Muslim holy sites marks the latest example of what legal experts have described as “narrative warfare” against Israel and Jews.




  1. Did Jews also violate a muslim hole-ee site when they butchered Rav Moshe Twersky and the other kdoshim z”l that fateful morning in Har Nof?

  2. It’s not not their Narrishkeiten, it’s not their incitement either.
    It’s the fact that they are poisoning the minds of their next generation.

  3. Grass is more popular than moslem courage.

    If you want a good drama, give Islam a good water gun. They may squirt their own eye out.

    A total disgrace.

  4. As long as the Jews violate the ban on entering the Har Habayis, Hashem will allow the Arabs to spout this nonsense. They are nebech preventing the Geulah with their actions.


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